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Thursday, 22 June 2017


 As the dispute over the 404.76 hectares of land between some families in Ibadan and the government of Oyo State continued in court on Tuesday, the first defence witness, Olufisayo Ogunbiyi, a Senior Land Officer in the state Civil service told the High Court sitting in Ibadan that apart from 'Exhibit F' there was no other letter written to the Federal Government in respect of the disputed land.
The said 'Exhibit F' was the letter written by the Oyo state government to the Federal Ministry of Land ,Urban and Housing declaring that the state did not have anything against releasing the land 404.76 hectares to the original owners
Ogunbiyi, who said this under cross-examination by the leading counsel to the claimants (land owner families), Barr. Olayinka Abiose further stated that he was not aware that Oyo State government wrote any other letter to the Federal Government requesting for the same land under dispute.
He however disclosed that he was aware that the state government had released 20 acres to four of the owner families out of the disputed land before litigation began on it, adding that his ministry was not contacted by the owner families before the agitation began for the release of the entire 404.76 hectares of land to them.
The defence witness further attested to the fact that the Federal Government directed the government of Oyo State through a letter marked 'Exhibit M', copies of which were made to Stad Properties Nigeria Ltd and the Secretary to the original owners that the land under dispute be released to the original owners.
When asked about the level of compliance of the state government with the FG directive, Ogunbiyi stated that there was a partial compliance by the release of about 100 acres of the land to High Chief Eddy Oyewole, claiming to be the representative of some of the owner families.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Seven Nigerians in UK, Inspiration to Democracy and Africa Continent -Oyintiloye

A Lawmaker in the Osun State House of Assembly, Honourable Olatunbosun Oyintiloye has described the emergence of seven Nigerian-United Kingdom Born citizens who were elected to the parliaments as inspiration for pursuits of excellence in Africa.

Oyintiloye who said their emergence into political limelight in United Kingdom was not only a wake-up call for parents, guardian and caregivers to give attention to child upbringing but a clarion call for leaders at all levels to give priority to the creation of enabling environment*.

Speaking with newsmen in Osogbo, the Lawmaker representing, Obokun State Constituency, maintained that success recorded by these UK citizens of Nigerian extraction, inspires hope and  lend credence to the imperative of development of potentials of young ones.

He stressed the need for people especially *youths to commit themselves to community service, be their best in their field of human endeavours and strive to add value to humanity.

"Politics is a vehicle for the promotion of human dignity, pursuit of happiness, social justice and prosperity, these Nigerians have made us proud”

He called on Nigerians to rise above primordial sentiments, stressing that *putting round pegs in round holes aids development.

" Its only the deep that calls to the deep, individuals who possess talents and guts , who have capacity to deliver , I mean selfless individuals should be encouraged at all times”

“We are excited because they shared Nigerian identity, we must get it right that discovery, nurturing and development of potentials is the right way to go” Oyintiloye addedu

Terror Attack: One dead as white man hits muslim worshipers with a van near a London mosque

Police are responding to a horrific terrorist attack on innocent people in Finsbury Park London just after midnight in the early hour of Monday.

One person has died at the scene, eight more are injured in hospital and two more were treated for injuries at the scene.

Jeremy Corbyn under whose constituency the incidence happened has expressed shocks  after while a cobra  emergency meeting has been called by PM Thersa May on Tuesday.

#FinsburyPark London #TerrorAttack: Hate crime against the Muslims are increasing and underreported as the results of inactions and actions of certain media and authorities are becoming a major concern. #Islamophobia emphasised by the British Council of Muslims 

Investigations are ongoing by the police to discover what was believed to be a deliberate terror attack  on innocent Londoners, many of whom were finishing prayers during the holy month of Ramadan.

"While this appears to be an attack on a particular community, like the terrible attacks in Manchester, Westminster and London Bridge it is also an assault on all our shared values of tolerance, freedom and respect", said Sadik Khan the Mayor of London
Eye witnesses say a white man was arrested near a north London's mosque upon driven a van into muslim worshipers shouting 'I just want to kill all Muslims

Incident in Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park

According to police, "the investigation into the circumstances of the incident in Seven Sisters Road in Finsbury Park is ongoing.

Police were called just after 0020hrs on 19 June to reports of a van in collision with pedestrians.

Officers attended alongside other emergency services and found and tended to a number of casualties.

One man was pronounced dead at the scene. Officers are in the process of informing next of kin. A post mortem examination will be scheduled due course.

Eight people injured were taken to three separate hospitals; two people were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

Speaking to media this morning Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, the Senior National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism, said:

“Sadly Londoners are waking to the news of another dreadful incident in the Capital that has left a number of people seriously injured.

The attack unfolded whilst a man was receiving first aid from the public at the scene, sadly, he has died.Any causative link between his death and the attack will form part of our investigation.It is too early to state if his death was as a result of the attack.

“Our thoughts are with all those affected by the incident at Seven Sisters Road and their family, friends and their communities.

“No matter what the motivation proves to be, and we are keeping an open mind, this is being treated as a terrorist attack and the Counter Terrorism Command is investigating.

“This was an attack on London and all Londoners and we should all stand together against extremists whatever their cause.

“From 00:21hrs this morning police received a number calls to Seven Sisters Road following a van having collided with pedestrians.

"Officers were in the immediate vicinity as the attack unfolded and responded instantly. Additional officers arrived within 10 minutes.

“One man was pronounced dead at the scene. Eight others are in hospital and two more were treated at the scene.

“All the victims were from the Muslim community.

“I would like to praise police officers who immediately gave life saving treatment at the scene, but also members of the public who assisted before and after the incident.

“Also at the scene, detained by members of the public, was the man suspected of being the driver.

“He was arrested by police on suspicion of attempted murder.

“I would like to thank those people who helped police in detaining the man and worked with officers to calmly and quickly get him into our custody.

“Their restraint in the circumstances was commendable.

“This investigation is ongoing, and we are working fast to know the full details of how and why it took place.

“At this early stage of the investigation, no other suspects have been identified or reported to police, and there were no reports of any people having suffered any knife injuries.

“The van used was examined by specialist officers but nothing that would cause a risk to the public was found in it.

“Extra policing resources have been deployed across London in order to reassure communities, especially those observing Ramadan.”

“I would urge everyone to remain calm and vigilant.

“I would ask the public with any information about this incident, or anything that causes them concern or suspicion, to call the police on 0800 789 321.

“Obviously we are at an early stage in our investigation, however as and when I can make more information available, I will.

“This has been incredibly challenging time for London and emergency services are stretched.

“Nevertheless, we will do absolutely all we can - with our partners - to protect Londoners and our city

“Now is a time once again for London to stand together to face those who seek to divide us.”

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Breaking: A London Tower Block of 24-Storey Building in West London Burning for 11 Hours. Still Burning!

Fire started at 1am in the dark of the night has left a 24-storey building burn down in London. 

A number of people living in the 120 flats of the  Grenfell Tower block along Latimer Road north of Kessignton in west London are estimated to be over 500. Over 50 people are reportedly receiving treatments at nearby a hospital, while a number of people are still unaccounted at present.
Earlier reports say Metropolitan Police has confirmed 6 people dead and number is expected to rise.

 London Fire Brigade that arrived the scene 6 minutes after the first call says a number of fatalities are ivolved and yet unconfirmed number of people are feared dead. The massive that started by a few minutes to 1 am this morning  ripped through a west London tower block trapping some families and forcing others to leap out of windows to escape the horror.

The cause of the terrifying blaze at the 24-storey Grenfell Towers that one witness said the fire started by his neighbours  exclaiming that his fridge exploded is yet to be confirmed.

Concerns are rising that fire safety measures are not working in the event of fire outbreaks. A resident group has expressed that "concerns and warnings about fire safety of the building have gone into deaf ear"

Parts of the building are still on fire with attending fire fighters desperately to put it to rest. 
Meanwhile, residents in local areas living in close proximity of the tower building have been told to evacuate amidst speculations that the building can collapse.*APPEAL FOR HELP*🙏 #GrenfellTowerVictims
Up to 2000 People are believed to be homeless after the fire that happened in Grenfell Tower (West London) in the early hours of today. At least over 70 people are in hospital.  6 people are confirmed dead (the death toll is expected to rise). 

If you are able to, please donate items like food and clothes, but please also donate items that people are less likely to think about like sanitary products. Also think about items that you can donate for the babies. Imagine what you would need right now if you lost everything in your home. 

Places to go and volunteer, or drop off donations for those impacted by the fire in West London:

●Harrow Club: 187 Freston Rd, London W10 6TH

Edward Woods Community Centre, 60-70 Norland Road, W11 4TX

Rugby Portobello Trust: 221 Walmer Rd, London W11 4EY

●St Clements Church: St Clements Church, 95 Sirdar Rd, W11 4EQ

● Ladbroke Grove Mosque, London
Tabernacle Christian Centre: Jubliee House, 210 Latimer Road, W10 6QY 

May God bless you as you step out to help 🙏
Pls share.

*This is a developing event and possible updates can be given later.

By Lashley Oladigbolu

Picture courtesy  Real Bubblemaster

Monday, 5 June 2017

Nigerian govt vows to prosecute purveyors of fake news

The Federal Government on Sunday said that it will not relent until it has exposed those behind the fake news phenomenon in the country and bring them to justice.Lai Mohammed
Lai Mohammed
In a statement in Abuja, the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, said that those behind the fake news had the intention of destabilising the polity and causing disunity among the country’s various ethnic and religious groups.
The statement was signed by Segun Adeyemi, the Special Adviser to the Minister.
The minister urged Nigerians to be extra vigilant in view of the worsening cases of fake news being spread by the unscrupulous persons.
Mr. Mohammed noted that over the weekend alone, several major cases of fake news were recorded, each of them capable of causing panic, triggering chaos or setting one group against the other.
He said that a gory video of a blast that occurred many years ago was being circulated along with the false news of a bomb blast in Abuja, while news of a non-existent bomb blast in Lagos was also widely circulated.
He said the police had, however, debunked the fake news.
Mr. Mohammed said the latest strategy being employed by the purveyors of fake news was to attribute to top government officials, improbable statements capable of destabilising the polity, causing tension and threatening the country’s unity.

“This is why we are appealing to Nigerians not to ever engage in a knee-jerk reaction to any news, and to subject every information to a very serious scrutiny by checking with security agencies and government spokespersons,” he said.
The minister described the fake news phenomenon as ‘the scourge of our times’ noting that it would “probably get worse in the months ahead”
He, therefore, called on all Nigerians to be very vigilant so that fake news purveyors do not succeed in their quest to sow the seeds of chaos and confusion.
He also appealed to the traditional media, which has a reputation to protect, to join the campaign against the purveyors of fake news.

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