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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Immigration Job Tragedy: Mahmood Ahmadu Is Not on Wanted List of INTERPOL, Metropolitan Police

Immigration Job Tragedy: EFCC vs Interior Ministry 

Contrary to biased reportorial published by a Nigerian national daily, Mahmood Ahmadu, designed as ''the fourth defendant at large'' by EFCC in the alleged case of ill-fated immigration tragedy involving the former Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, and who was purportedly indicated as being on the radar of INTERPOL for alleged financial scam, is not on the wanted list of the International Police, investigations revealed.

A national daily had reported sometime in February this year that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) had contacted INTERPOL for the arrest and deportation of Ahmadu, who was said to have colluded with Moro to defraud job seekers million of naira.

Mahmood Ahmadu’s firm, Drexel Tech Global (Nig) Ltd was a mere consultant to the Ministry of Interior when Abba Moro was minister and he was contacted to help in the recruitment exercise without taking any direct part in the collection of money from applicants.

It would be recalled, the applicants paid N1000 each through an e-payment platform for their online recruitment exercise into the Nigerian Immigration Service, there was therefore no way through which Mahmood Ahmadu would been involved in handling money. His job according to impeccable sources, at that time was to offer consultancy services in the best way through which the exercise would sail through without hitches.
Mr Ahmad's close aides have also disclosed that “the publication came to him as a big embarrassment in the sense that some spheres of the Nigerian media would go ahead to publish falsehood”.
Findings by The Street Journal indicated that no time did INTERPOL declare Ahmadu wanted or invited him for interrogation of any kind contrary to reports that he was being sought to answer questions regarding immigration job tragedy.
In the course of investigation, it was found out that Ahmadu freely moves about without any fear of arrest. He is neither in hiding nor evading arrest as his residential address is well known to all.
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The Street Journal further scooped that Ahmadu is doing his business without restriction or harassment.

According to a source close to him, "Ahmadu is a free man. He was given a job to do at the immigration, which he carried out to the best of the terms of agreement. And he got paid for it.
He stated further that it was a legitimate deal, without any hidden agenda, as being alleged in some quarters.

"Look, he got the contract at the immigration just any other business man would have. He carried out the job according to specification, and after completion he got paid for the job.
"To say that he is being sought by INTERPOL because of that is a big lie. There was no time any security agency either in Nigeria or international ever declared him wanted.

"The newspaper report that he was being wanted by INTERPOL was highly biased against Ahmadu and must have been planted by his detractors.

"In due course he would react to that publication and the lies behind it will be exposed", he said.

Meanwhile, when this paper inquired of the true state of things from INTERPOL offices in Lagos and Abuja, a source said at no time did they declare Ahmadu wanted.

Apart from that, the source said when a person is declared wanted, it is never published on the pages of newspapers, saying their operation is mostly covert.

When the Metropolitan Police, London, was also contacted it was the same answer. It said  they do not have such name on their watch list, adding that the Nigerian government nor any of its security agencies applied to the Metropolitan Police for the arrest of Ahmadu

Attempt to hear from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) did not yield result as its Spokesman, Wilson Uwujiaren did not reply SMS sent to his mobile line as the time of going to press.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Mr Bean: Meet the smiling man in a selfie photo with EgyptAir plane hijacker

This is the moment when a Leeds man found himself posing for a photograph with a would be suicide-bomber who hijacked a plane.

Seif Eldin Mustafa (left, wearing a 'suicide bomber' vest now revealed to be fake) poses with Ben Innes, of Oakwood, Leeds.
Seif Eldin Mustafa (left, wearing a 'suicide bomber' vest now revealed to be fake) poses with Ben Innes, of Oakwood, Leeds.

Ben Innes, 26, was on the flight with Seif Eldin Mustafa, who forced the plane heading for Cairo to travel to Cyprus while wearing what is now known to be a fake suicide vest.
Mr Innes, originally from the Oakwood area of Leeds, bravely had his picture taken with the hijacker of the EgyptAir Plane.
A while later, Mr Innes was seen running on the tarmac with his hands in the air after leaving the plane along with the remaining passengers on the hijacked EgyptAir Airbus A-320, as the hijacker surrendered to security forces after a six-hour standoff at Larnaca airport’s largely disused old terminal.
The photo has gone viral and Mr Innes has become the focus of worldwide attention.
Mr Innes is reported as having said the photo has to be “the best selfie ever”.
Four Britons were on the plane when it was forced to divert to Cyprus.
The plane was carrying at least 55 passengers, including 26 foreigners, on an EgyptAir domestic flight from Alexandria to Cairo.

This is the moment hijackers released some of the passengers on board the plane.
Most of those on board were freed shortly after the plane landed at Larnaca airport on the Mediterranean island on Tuesday morning, but the hijacker held seven people hostage for a number of hours before the incident came to a peaceful conclusion.
He appeared in court today to face a raft of charges after reportedly telling police: “What’s someone supposed to do when he hasn’t seen his wife and children in 24 years?”
The Cypriot court ordered him to be detained for eight days as he faces charges including hijacking, illegal possession of explosives, kidnapping and threats to commit violence.
Cypriot officials described him as “psychologically unstable” following a bizarre set of demands he made to police negotiators, including what Mr Lambrianou said was a letter he wanted delivered to his Cypriot ex-wife in which he demanded the release of 63 dissident women imprisoned in Egypt.
Mr Innes, speaking to The Sun about his photograph with the hijacker, said: “I’m not sure why I did it, I just threw caution to the wind while trying to stay cheerful in the face of adversity.
“I figured if his bomb was real I’d nothing lose anyway, so took a chance to get a closer look at it.
“I got one of the cabin crew to translate for me and asked him if I could do a selfie with him.
“He just shrugged OK so I stood by him and smiled for the camera while a stewardess did the snap. It has to be the best selfie ever.”
Mr Innes texted his mother Pauline, and he added: “My mum was obviously frantic with worry and kept telling me not to do anything to draw attention to myself. I didn’t know how to tell her I’d already done a selfie with the hijacker.”
Mr Innes, a health and safety auditor, is said to have approached Mustafa while being held hostage on the tarmac, and sent the photograph to one of his flatmates as well as other friends.
It is not clear how the photo of Mr Innes, who is believed to be in his 20s, made its way on to social media.
His flatmate Chris Tundogan told MailOnline he had “no idea” why his friend had the photograph taken, adding: “I find it pretty mental, but that’s just Ben I guess.”
Speaking from her home in Biggin, near Selby, of her son’s ordeal, Mr Innes’ mum said she is just keen to get him back home.
Pauline Innes said: “We don’t really want to comment on what has happened until he’s home and we know he’s safe and well.
“Obviously he’s not come home yet and there are security issues to think about - we don’t want to talk about anything until it has all been resolved.”
She added: “All we can say is that the picture is clearly not a selfie as everyone has been describing it.
“You can clearly see that it is not Ben who is taking the picture. He’s in it but he’s not taking it.
“But we don’t want to speak about anything until he’s back home.”
Four British nationals were on the Egyptian plane forced to divert to Cyprus.
The captain and crew have been congratulated for how they dealt with the incident in which Mustafa claimed to have an explosive belt and took people hostage.
A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: “We are relieved that the situation at Larnaca airport has now come to a safe conclusion. We are providing consular support to four British nationals caught up in today’s events.
“We remain in close contact with the Cypriot and Egyptian authorities.”
EgyptAir said Cypriot authorities at the airport had confirmed “the explosive belt that the hijacker allegedly said that he was wearing is fake”.
The Egyptian Minister of Tourism, Yehia Rashed, said: “We congratulate the EgyptAir captain and his crew for landing the plane safely and for putting the safety of the passengers as a priority, in a highly professional manner and in accordance with international aviation standards.
“The Egyptian Prime Minister, Sherif Ismail, was personally involved in helping to resolve this incident and EgyptAir is currently taking the necessary steps to bring back all passengers involved.
“We are assured by passengers on the flight that all security measures at Borg El Arab Airport were fully implemented.”
Footage posted on the official Facebook page of Egypt’s Ministry of Interior appears to show the hijacker passing through security before boarding the flight.
The man, circled in red, can be seen loading his bag to be scanned and calmly walking through a detector. He is then frisked by a security official before collecting his bag and walking off.
Another image posted on the page shows a scan taken of his bag, which appears largely empty.
Cypriot officials confirmed the incident had reached a peaceful conclusion.
Officials said early on that the hijacking was not an act of terrorism, and later that the man appeared to be psychologically unstable.
The man was said to have initially asked to speak with his Cypriot ex-wife, who police brought to the airport.
At one point he demanded the release of women held in Egyptian prisons, but he then dropped the demand and made others.
According to The Guardian, an official at Egypt’s ministry of foreign affairs added: “He’s not a terrorist, he’s an idiot. Terrorists are crazy but they aren’t stupid. This guy is.”
Egypt’s official Middle East News Agency identified the hijacker as Seifedeen Mustafa, without providing further details.
The hijacking will raise serious concerns over security at Egyptian airports, and one aviation expert claimed the incident was a return to “the security stone age”.
David Learmount said it appeared the captain of the flight “didn’t have faith in the security systems” and felt he had to follow the hijacker’s demands, resulting in the “first major successful hijack since 9/11”.
But he said the captain should have been confident that it was “impossible” for someone to have got through security with a suicide belt.
The incident comes just five months after 224 people were killed when a Russian aircraft crashed over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula minutes after it took off from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.
Russia later said an explosive device brought down the aircraft in October, and the extremist Islamic State group (IS) said it was responsible.
• Do you know Ben Innes?

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Breaking: EgyptAir plane hijacked! Live updates

Aboard the Egypt Air plane was 181 passengers on Tuesday and panic struck as a man held the cabin crew and passengers at ransom after making some threats of bombing the plane.

Video shows passengers being let off the plane

This is the moment hijackers released some of the passengers on board the plane.
Four “foreign” passengers are being held hostage however.
And seven members of the cabin crew remain on board.

Everything we know so far

Here’s what we know so far following the dramatic events this morning...
  • An EgyptAir domestic flight from Alexandria to Cairo was hijacked and then landed in Cyprus
  • The pilot of the plane was threatened by a passenger strapped with explosives
  • Authorities have identified a suspect as Ibrahim Samaha, a 27-year-old from Egypt
  • Women and children have been let off the plane
  • However four foreigners and all members of the cabin crew are being held hostage

Hijacker named Ibrahim Samaha, according to reports

Authorities have identified a suspect, as we reported earlier.
The name is Ibrahim Samaha

Monday, 28 March 2016

Stop Working For Politicians, Wole Arisekola Warns Online Journalists.

Stop Working For Politicians, Wole Arisekola Warns Online Journalists.
Online journalists across the country have been urged to be professional and observe the ethical standards in their political reportage and not allow politicians use them against the will of Nigerian masses and the ethics of the profession.
Publisher of StreetJournals magazine, an online publication, Wole Arisekola, who gave this charge in a statement made available to journalists yesterday in Ibadan noted that, “Nigerian politicians are now freely lying to the masses, and they appear to have hijacked the online media to carry out their anti-masses psyche”.

Arisekola, who is also Chairman of Association of Online Media Practitioners of Nigeria, AOMPA regretted that “Nigerians will get mad at you for speaking the truth, rather than being mad at the politicians who lied. It’s not the politician’s lie that bothers me, it’s the insults to our collective intelligence that I find offensive”.
While expressing chagrin over the ridiculous antics of some online journalists, Arisekola, who could no longer bottle up the unbearable situation voiced his concerns that political class in Nigeria have hijacked public opinions and installed themselves as overlords at the detriment of the people they are meant to serve.

“Power supply is now at zero level, fuel supply is in almost at zero level, civil servants’ salaries are not yet paid. Life is becoming unbearable to average Nigerians and what we have are untrue sponsored stories being circulated across the web."
"It is very sad that average Nigerians are becoming leaner and looking hungry everyday but the likes of Olisa Methu, David Mark, Lai Mohammed, Saraki, Fashola, Ajimobi, Amechi and the rest of the politicians are swimming in billions", Arisekola expressed.
Furthermore, Mr Arisekola charged the journalists to call politicians to task by reminding them of their responsibilities to Nigerian masses in line with the constitution.
“We elected them to office to serve, not to hold the public to ransom”, Arisekola noted.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

How 40,000 watched Nigeria vs Egypt without tickets, over-crowded fans observed orlderliness in Kaduna!

Afcon 2017: Salah scores late leveller for Egypt against Nigeria

Nigeria v Egypt An estimated 40,000 fans turned up to watch Nigeria's draw with Egypt in a 25,000-capacity stadium. Mohamed Salah scored a late equaliser for Egypt away to Nigeria in their 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier as an estimated 40,000 people watched in a 25,000-capacity stadium on Friday. The Kaduna State government let fans in for free at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, which led to severe overcrowding. The draw keeps the Pharaohs on top of Group G by two points from Nigeria. Nigeria took the lead on the hour through Warri Wolves' Etebo Oghenekaro before Roma winger Salah's equaliser. Some supporters climbed up floodlight scaffolding to watch the game, while others sat on the roof of neighbouring houses. No off-pitch incidents were reported.  Only the top two teams from each group are guaranteed progress to the next round in the race to reach Gabon.Policemen on horses patrolled the crowdPolicemen on horses patrolled the crowd
Fans also watched on roofsFans also watched on roofs
Afcon 2017 qualifiers fixtures and results
The biggest win in Friday's qualifiers came in the day's final match with Sofiane Feghouli and Islam Slimani bagging braces as Algeria crushed Ethiopia 7-1 in Blida.
Algeria have a maximum nine points in Group J, Ethiopia four, Seychelles one and Lesotho none.
Ivory Coast moved to the top of Group I thanks to a 1-0 win over Sudan.
Gervinho, who captained the side in the absence of the injured Yaya Toure, scored the winner on 34 minutes.
Gabon beat Sierra Leone in the group's other match. However, the points from that match do not count because Gabon are hosts of the 2017 tournament and their group games are classified as friendlies.
Youssef Msakni struck the only goal of the game to give Tunisia a 1-0 home win over Togo.
The decisive strike came two minutes after the interval and the result lifted Tunisia to the top of the Group A table, taking over from Togo on goal difference.
In Group M, Mauritania beat The Gambia 2-1 thanks a to a brace by Cheikh Moulaye Khalil.
Mustapha Carayol equalised for visitors The Gambia on the hour mark, cancelling out Khalil's 36th-minute opener.
But Khalil grabbed his second in injury time to give Mauritania three points, which lifts them level with leaders Cameroon.
Swaziland and Zimbabwe played out a 1-1 draw in Group L.
Hosts Swaziland raced into the lead after only two minutes, courtesy of a strike from Felix Badenhorst.
Zimbabwe equalised when Swaziland's Ndokuito put through his own net one minute before half-time.
The result means Swaziland remain top of the table from Zimbabwe. Both sides have five points but Swaziland have scored one more goal than their rivals.
In the group's other game Guinea and Malawi played out a goalless draw, neither side able to make up any ground on the teams above them - they remain three points off the pace.
In Bamako, Mali moved to the top of Group C after a 1-0 win over Equatorial Guinea.
Molla Wague secured the three points for Mali with a goal in the 82nd minute.


Friday, 25 March 2016

BuharI to APC: "I'm afraid...." No success over conducted elections, shameful, brutal!

Text of President Muhammadu Buhari’s remarks at the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting held at the APC National Secretariat in Abuja, March 24, 2016.


We are members of the legacy party, plus APGA and DPP. We realized since 2005 that to remove the PDP from power, we must sink our differences, come together and form a party. God willing, that eventually happened and that is why we are where we are today, coming together inspite of our differences, both personal and ideological.

We must not forget that. Having identified that as members of the legacy party, we again identified three fundamental things facing us. First, security, second, economy and unemployment and thirdly, corruption. We campaigned throughout the country on these three fundamental issues and nobody successfully challenged us and these issues remained relevant. On security, we have made progress. It was a very courageous decision that the party took and executed by the Executive by removing most of the military hierarchy and appointing those to take over from them, acquiring some new hard and soft ware and raising the morale of the military to go secure the rest of the country which was then 14 out of 774 local government. I have said it often that as far as I know and the service Chiefs who are on ground, they are not holding any local government. But they still have some capability especially on soft targets by using technology.
For Niger Delta, the militants are sending some conflicting messages. Some have said they are ready to drop their arms and join the rest of the nation to build it. But part of them are still sabotaging installations which is making investments in that lucrative area of Nigeria difficult because nobody will submit his riches to financial institutions, get money only to suffer huge loss. So, the environment for investment is being sabotaged by our own selves, Nigerians.
We are doing our best with the military by trying to persuade them to join the rest of the country because in unity lies our strength.
Of course the leadership of INEC has been changed, but I appeal to the leadership of the military, security agents and INEC that what I want Nigerians to remember me for, even if I have to leave the Presidency tomorrow is that I respect them. I want all Nigerians to believe and hold their PVC as personal entitlement as Nigerians and use it the way the like, and vote for whoever they like at which ever election. If they voluntarily sold it, it is part of their right and so, let them sell it and remain at home and not participate in any election. But let the law enforcement agencies give them the confidence that nobody will come out who has money to hire thugs, give them drugs and stop them from exercising their fundamental right.
I am afraid I did not succeed in the election in Kogi, Bayelsa, Rivers. I think that more Nigerians are killed or killed themselves in Rivers than in any particular state. At this stage of our political development, to remain brutal is shameful and as a government, I promise we will do something by the next general election.
On the economy, the fall of oil prices after Nigeria has made itself a mono economy is a disaster. I wonder why people could not believe that in Nigeria, about 27 out of 36 states have difficulty in paying basic salaries of their workers. If from 1999 to at least 2003, oil is above 100 dollars per barrel and an export of about 2 million barrel per day, how come Nigeria failed to make some arrangement to cushion the effect of a probably volatile oil market? Again, it shows failure of the last administration. But we are now to pick the pieces as an APC government and so, there is no need complaining, but let us concentrate and see how much we can do with whatever remains of the economy.
We realized that agriculture and solid minerals are two areas that can quickly come to help us to recover economically, at least in terms of employment and feeding ourselves and more importantly, saving the hard currency to make sure that what is left our industries remain open, employing Nigerians and producing goods and services which is very important.
The policy we are trying to implement is TSA. When we insist that we have to know what comes in and what goes out for us to make a comprehensive amendment to the economy. If you go and see the Central Bank Governor, he will tell you that in the TSA, we have more than N3 trillion. Where would this money have been if TSA was not in vogue? I was made to understand that vouchers would have quickly been raised towards the end of the financial year and checks made. Whether they are going into projects or private pockets, nobody can prove it to you. But that money is there, it is identified, if is quantified and when the budget comes back eventually, the Ministry of finance will see how to allocate it to the rest of the country.
We have tried to make sure that NNPC is reorganized, so that we know how much of our crude is taken, how much it is sold and to which account the money is going. But I tell you that up to the time we came, if anybody told you that he knows how much of crude exchanges hands either on the high sea or reaching their destination and the accounts the money goes into, that person is not telling you the truth. We are getting the cooperation of countries that has received this crude. But we have to be sure of the facts in our hands before we start prosecution so that Nigerians will believe what we have been telling them.
Again, I have to repeat myself here for you to appreciate what I am going through because you are closer to the people than myself. I was telling a British team that came to supervise the training team they sent, that when I was in uniform, you took the perceived corrupt ones and put them in safe custody and quietly told them they were guilty until they can prove themselves innocent. But now under multi-party democratic system, I see some of them ride Rolls Royce, some of them have built estates here, but they are innocent until we can prove them guilty. This situation is true and you don’t need to stress your imagination to find out. If you can find out, you discover that a level eight officer has five houses, while you, as a Permanent Secretary or Commissioner is still living in a rented house. We have to get credible evidence to carry out successful prosecution and get judgement from the Judiciary. But effort is being made to give a list of recoveries in whatever currencies so far so that Nigerians will know that it is not all about long stories.
For the party, I will like you to continue to make sacrifice. I know you are being harassed since the election that they haven’t seen anything on the ground. Well, if you have any explanation that could be accepted, is that you have three more years to go. When we came in after 16 years of PDP, each government had 42 ministries. We reduced them to 24, removed 21 Permanent Secretaries. We sat down and reflected seriously. We were all in the process of taking over at a time of national budget. So, imagine the volume of work and with what happened in the National Assembly, the padding, it would appear that below the Permanent Secretaries, there are still a lot of bureaucracies that are still with them. So, you have to appreciate the position we are in. Having cut 42 to 24, correspondingly, the parastatals will be cut down to some size and realigned and the boards reconstituted. We gave a blanket order which we had to rescind when we said all boards are suspended or dissolved. We had to go back and lick our vomit in terms of university boards because we found out that according to their laws, they cannot choose Vice Chancellors unless the Boards seat down, interview prospective candidates who wants to be VCs. So, there is nothing wrong in saying sorry and going back on your decision. So, we said sorry and allow all the universities to continue with their boards. But for the rest, eventually, we will make it. So, please, try to bear with us as we reflect on where we found ourselves.
For globetrotting, sometimes, you need to present your case on personal basis to your economic colleagues and neighbors. Nothing is better than personal touch and I believe that we are learning a lot and eventually, the nation will realize so, I don’t envy you on the harassment you are going through from your constituencies. Take it with a lot of determination and we will be all right, God willing.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Contracts Probe: See the List of names of individuals and companies under investigation in connection with ONSA office!

The committee set up to probe contracts awarded by the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) from 2011 to 2015 has indicted more than 300 companies and prominent citizens including serving and retired officers of the armed forces.
Below are the lists of  companies and individuals published by a special  Committee set up by the Nigerian president. The Committee established that some individuals and companies received monies without evidence of contractual agreements or jobs done. The amount received by these individuals was Seven Billion One Hundred and Four
Million, Nine Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand Naira only
The Companies investigated by the committee include:
a. Abrahams Telecommunication Limited and Value
Trust Investment Limited RC 1050628 and RC133792.
b. Bilal Turnkey Contractors Limited RC 616389.
c. Circular Automobile Limited RC 953549.
d. Continental Project Associates Limited RC 1201210.
e. Da’voice Network Solutions Limited RC 658879.
f. Foretech Investment Limited RC 759046.
g. Forts and Sheild Limited RC 1148793.
h. GDP Associated Limited RC 830715.
i. Hakimco Automobiles - RC 904389.
j. Hamada Properties and Investment Limited RC
k. International Resources Management Company RC
l. Investment Options Limited - RC 133484.
m. Jakadiya Picture Company Limited RC 270972.
n. JBE Multimedia Investment Limited RC 48875.
o. Kamala Motors Limited RC 845545.
p. Key Information Services Limited RC 297516.
q. Leeman Communications Limited RC 499781.
r. MCAF Associates RC 734745.
s. Moortown Global Investment RC 968416.
t. Syntec Nigeria Limited RC 220165.
u. Trafiga Limited RC 1098961.
v. Trim Communications Limited RC 261180.
w. Securicor Emergency and Safety RC 431246.
x. Sologic Integrated Services Limited RC 744982.
y. Wada Autos Limited RC 1082513.
z. Zukhruf Nigeria Limited RC 306244.
aa. 2020 Nigeria Limited RC 1090292.
bb. A and B Associates Limited RC 279980.
The individuals and companies that received payments
without contractual agreements are:
a. Honourable Bello Matawalle.
b. Brigadier General AS Mormoni-Bashir (the former
Principal General Staff Officer at the ONSA and still a
serving military officer).
c. Alhaji Umar Sani.
d. Dr Yakubu Sanky.
e. Baba Bala.
f. Ambassador Clement Layiwola Lasseinde (a
Director in the ONSA).
g. An architect from Baitil Atiq Travels and Tours.
h. Alhaji Shuaibu Salisu (The former Director of
Finance and Administration at the ONSA).
i. Colonel Bello Fadile (rtd) (Special Adviser to Lt Col
Sambo Dasuki; former NSA).
j. Mr Otunla Jonah Niyi.
k. Otunba Adelakun.
l. Alhaji Bashir Yaguda.
m. Dr Tunji Olagunju.
n. Miss Oluwatoyin Oluwagbayi.
o. Lt Col MS Dasuki (rtd) {The former NSA}.
p. Honourable Maipata Mohammed Abubakar.
q. Mohammed Suleiman. From Musaco investment and
r. Ibrahim Abdullahi also from Musaco investment and
s. Alhaji Aliyu Usman.
t. 18 other officers that served in the ONSA.
The companies that out rightly failed to execute contracts or
did so partially, and have therefore been asked to refund various sums with are as follows:
a. A and Hatman Limited.
b. Abuja Consulting Limited.
c. Afro-Arab Investment.
d. Agbede A Adeshina and Co.
e. Aleppo Systems Nigeria Limited - RC 947255.
f. Amp Africa Holdings and Solar Services.
g. Apple Drops Nigeria Limited - RC 1102219.
h. Apt Security Limited - RC 165189.
i. Autoforms Integrated Enterprises Limited - RC
j. Axis Consulting Services Limited - RC 1151145.
k. Belsha Nigeria Limited.
l. Community Defence Law Foundation - RC/IT No
m. Complus International Service Limited.
n. Cosse Limited - RC 316214.
o. Daar Investment and Holdings Limited.
p. Dalhatu Investment Limited - RC 404535.
q. Destra Investment Limited.
r. Development Strategies International Limited - RC
t. DFX/White Zebu BDC – RC787658/RC1049919.
u. Duchy Concepts Limited RC392281.
v. Fara Security Limited RC 694607.
w. Fimex Gilt Nigeria Limited RC 143150.
x. First Aralac Global Limited RC939512.
y. Fix-HYL Global Investment RC1129654.
z. Good year Properties Limited RC1168828.
aa. Image Merchant Promotions Limited RC 416703.
bb. Interglobal Limited RC 189188.
cc. Jos Peace Dialogue Forum CAC/IT/No75434.
dd. Kakatar Limited RC 443321.
ee. Leaderette Nigeria/Norden Global
RC 422129/RC1119925.
ff. London Advertising Limited UK BASED.
gg. Mithra Oil Limited RC 620979.
hh. NigerLink BOG (Under Musaco Investment)
RC 834592
ii. Iban Global (Under Musaco Investment)
jj. Musaco Investment (Bank Charges)
kk. Mystrose Limited RC 475579.
ll. NAF Holding Company Limited.
mm. Peach Tree Communications Limited RC 410115.
nn. Perception BDC RC 740741.
oo. Pioneer Ventures RC 69776.
pp. Proptex Nigerian Limited - RC 116801.
qq. Prosedec Interglobal Limited RC 619845.
rr. Real Property Investment Limited RC 294761.
ss. Sinash Communications Limited RC 333134.
tt. Skytick International Limited RC 798693.
uu. Soject Nigeria Limited RC 74991.
vv. StellaVera Development Company Limited
RC 713258.
ww. Teracon AG SWISS BASED.
xx. Wehsec Farms Limited RC 713258.
yy. African Cable Television Limited RC 1113903.
zz. BCN Nigeria Limited RC 509693.
aaa. Brains and Hammers RC 655673.
bbb. Concept Options Ultimate Limited RC 604167.
ccc. Elizade Nigeria Limited RC 11544.
ddd. Emerging Platforms Limited RC 922205.
eee. EMI System Nigeria Limited RC 248986.
fff. Hadassa Investment and Security RC 709085.
ggg. Kala Consulting Solutions Limited RC 98562.
hhh. Pioneer Ventures.
iii. Nan Bizcom Nigeria Limited RC 680708.
jjj. Nerres Limited RC 1138835.
kkk. Plectrum Consulting Limited RC 937931.
lll. Protech Consultant RC 301426.
mmm. Summit Publications Limited RC 304671.
nnn. Telios Development Limited RC 468351.
ooo. Urban Abode Nigeria Limited RC 651613.
ppp. RCN Networks Limited RC 439720.
qqq. Sail International Limited RC 97863.
rrr. Suburban Broadway Limited - RC 469689.
sss. Geronimo Middle East and Africa.
ttt. Julius Berger RC 6852.
uuu. Romgat Morgan Nigeria Limited RC 902020.
vvv. Stallion Motors Limited RC 178627.
Contracts awarded to the following companies are to be further
a. 2020 Nigeria Limited RC 1090292.
b. Acacia Holdings Limited RC 940978.
c. Africair Incorporated US Company.
d. Augusta Westland Limited.
e. Almond Project Limited.
f. Bam Project and Properties.
g. Bob Oshodin Organisation Limited RC 790662.
h. Coral Builders Limited RC 397748.
i. Dan Clington Nigeria Limited RC 940978.
j. Law Partners and Associates BN/UY/004566.
k. Magnificient 5 ventures Limited BN/2299463.
l. MPS Global Services Limited.
m. One plus Holdings Nigeria Limited RC 695999.
n. Quadsix Nigeria Limited RC 1177968.
o. Reliance Reference Hospitals.

The committee set up to probe contracts awarded by the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) from 2011 to 2015 has indicted more than 300 companies and prominent citizens including serving and retired officers of the armed forces.
Over N7 Billion has been recovered so far from the indicted companies and individuals.
Another N41 Billion is to be refunded by the indicted companies while further investigation by the EFCC has been ordered to determine whether another N75 Billion  should  be recovered from some of the companies for unexecuted or partially executed contracts.
The committee further established that one of the indicted companies, Societe D'Equipment International was overpaid to the tune of 7.9 Million Euros and $7.09 Million.
The committee which is different from the committee that is investigating the Defence Arms and Equipment Procurement, discovered that there was a total disregard of salient
provisions of the Public Procurement Act in the award of contracts by ONSA.
Several contractors were apparently over paid,
while others were given full upfront payments contrary to
their contract terms and agreements in force.
There was also evidence of payments to individuals and companies by ONSA without any contractual agreement or evidence of jobs executed. The committee further discovered that somecompanies failed to meet up their tax obligations for contracts
The Committee has made attempts and succeeded in
recovering some of the funds from these individuals and
organizations amounting to Three Billion, Five Hundred and
Thirty Seven Million, Five Hundred and forty Nine Thousand,
Two Hundred and Twenty Three Naira and Four Kobo
(N3,537,549,223.04), Eight Million US Dollars
($8,000,000.00) and houses worth Five Hundred and
Twelve Million Naira (512,000,000.00) from 32 companies. The Committee also established that some individuals
and companies received monies without evidence of
contractual agreements or jobs done. The amount received by
these individuals was Seven Billion One Hundred and Four
Million, Nine Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand Naira only
In a similar vein, the Committee revealed that some
companies that failed to execute contracts or did so partially
were to make refunds. The total amount to be refunded is
Nineteen Billion, Eight Hundred and Ninety Six Million, five
Hundred and Thirty Nine Thousand, One Hundred and
Twenty-five Naira and thirty kobo (N19,896,539,125.20)
only, Forty Three Million Seven Hundred and Seventy One
Thousand, Four Hundred and Thirty Three US Dollars and
Seventy-Three Cents ($43,771,433.73) and 2 houses in
Abuja worth Two Hundred and Sixty Million Naira
The Committee also revealed that 15 companies were
awarded contracts that require further investigation to
ascertain the status of their contracts. The total value of the
contracts awarded in this category was Eleven Billion Seven
Hundred and Twenty Six Million Five Hundred and Seventy
One Naira only (N11,726,571,161.00), Two Hundred and
Two Million, One Hundred and Twenty Six Thousand, Eight
Hundred and Ninety US Dollars only ($202,136,890.00)
and Four Million, One Hundred and Fourteen Thousand
Seven Hundred and Fifty Two Euros and Ninety Six Cents
Garba Shehu
SSA to the President
(Media & Publicity)
March 24, 2016

#Nollywood : ‘The CEO’ premieres at London's Leicester Square - Vue Cinema , on Thursday 27th October

As Kunle Afolayan’s multilingual movie THE CEO  premieres in London on Thurs/27th/Oct @ Vue Cinema, Leicester square.
Ace movie director Kunle Afolayan’s blockbuster movie THE CEO will premiere in London later this month. The event which is being organised by Air France UK will be held at Vue Cinema, Leicester square, London on Thursday, 27th of October.  

The movie which had it’s maiden World premiere on a special event held aboard an Air France flight from Lagos to Paris has also premiered in Lagos. Nigeria. The London premiere edition will have in attendance the cast of the movie which includes 3-time Grammy winning musician and actress Angelique Kidjo, Wale Ojo, Hilda Dokubo, Keme ‘Lala’ Akindoju and ace director Kunle Afolayan 

Kunle Afolayan who runs the movie production company Golden Effects Pictures was also responsible for blockbusters like Irapada, The Figurine, Phone Swap and October 1.  


Air France UK & Golden effects Pictures present 

 The London Gala premiere of Kunle Afolayan's THE C.E.O movie 

STARRING:  Wale Ojo, Angelique Kidjo, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Hilda Dokubo, Jimmy Jean Louis, Aurelie Eliam, Fatym Layachi, Peter King Nzioki, Nico Panagio  (Kunle Afolayan & main cast will be attending event) 

Thursday, 27th, October, 2016 

Vue Cinema, 3 Cranbourn Street,  Leicester Square, WC2H 7AL  (Closest Tube - Leicester Square) 

TIME: Reception from 7pm, Screening from 8pm PROMPT 


TICKETS / MORE INFO: / +44 (0) 7946811253/ +44 (0) 7878202481 (Call or Text)

Five top level staff of a company are selected for a retreat where the new CEO of a global company will be chosen. What starts off as cordial soon goes sour as they attempt to outdo one another to be named The CEO. 


How Kunle Afolayan Dazzles Top Executives Of Air France/KLM With ‘The CEO’
As film is set for premiere, festival routing


Led by the senior vice president, Africa, Air France/KLM, Mr. Frank Legre, 15 commercial directors of Air France/KLM flew into Amsterdam from different parts of Africa for a conference with the  Nigerian filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan, whose latest film, The CEO is being greatly supported by Air France and Dutch partner, KLM.

“We discussed film and the possibilities of taking African cinema to the next level. They wanted to know how I’ve been able to sustain ground-breaking projects and see the possibility of adopting this in other African countries,” he told newsmen upon arrival at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos. “I also unveiled our plans for the premiere of The CEO across Africa which they found laudable,” he added.

Recall that on July 29, 2015, Afolayan was signed as brand ambassador of Air France, with the deal covering The CEO movie and several projects of mutual benefits.L-R: Arthur Dieffenthaler, Commercial Manager, Air France KLM, 
Grammy Award winning artiste, Angélique Kidjo, ace filmmaker 
Tunde Kelani, and Kunle  Afolayan during a press conference on 
Afolayan's new movie, The CEO

“I didn’t need to speak too much about the creative ingenuity in Africa. As part of my presentation at the meeting, I showed a preview of The CEO and they were quite impressed. In all, we had a two-hour talk about the many untapped potentials in the African market,” he further disclosed.Fatym Layachi
Peter King
Wale Ojo
Tade Ogidan
Tunde Kelani
Executives from Adron Properties and Arthur from Air  FranceIMG_2121IMG_2157IMG_2385IMG_2350IMG_2297

The recent release of the trailer for The CEO, kicked off promotions for the Pan-African movie which stars top actors from Anglophone and Francophone countries, including Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, entertainer and activist from Benin, Angélique Kidjo; Haitan actor and model Jimmy Jean-Louis; consummate actor and founder of the New Nigeria Cinema movement, Wale Ojo; French-Ivorian actress and model, Aurelie Eliam; South African actor and presenter, Nicolaos Panagiotopoulos; Nigerian actress, Kemi Lala Akindoju; Moroccan star, Fatim Layachi; Kenyan actor Peter King, and Nigerian actress Hilda Dokubo, among others.

Watch The CEO trailer, minutes: 2:37
The CEO : 2016, a Kunle Afolayan film


 TransWire Communications is a global phone network with major operation in Nigeria. The CEO, an expatriate, has retired hence the Global Chairman has decided to send five nominees amongst his most senior level staff across Africa on a Leadership course in order to determine which one to appoint as the new CEO of Nigeria.
Kola Alabi: Nigerian, male, playboy, charming
Jomo Wangai: Kenyan, male, reserved; troubled
Eloise Toure: Ivorian, female, attractive, tenacious
Yasmin Raggi: Moroccan, female, beautiful, secretive
Riikard Van Outen: South African, white, male, unassuming, ambitious
All five arrive from their respective destinations and check into the beach resort where the course is holding.  Although they all appear cordial and chummy with each other, they all know what is at stake – they each desperately want the CEO’s chair.  And to this purpose, they attempt to covertly outdo one another throughout the duration of the course.
Assisted by Lisa, HR Coordinator for TransWire Global, the course Tutor, the mysterious DrAmet Zimmerman, starts off the course by making all five executives indulge in a round of the child’s game of musical chairs.  He uses this method to psychologically study each candidate’s modus operandi.
Jomo loses the first round.  Zimmerman then sets about teaching the course.  But soon intrigue, conspiracy and treachery take center stage. Jomo’s dead body is washed ashore the next morning, apparently ruled ‘death by misadventure’.  This shocks everyone… and soon they see an alarming pattern emerging – something bad happens to whoever loses the round of musical chairs they play each morning!
One by one, each candidate begins to be eliminated, until there are only two left.  It then turns into a psychological game of sudden death! But who is really behind the mysterious and fatal occurrences? It is obvious that someone is trying to stab everyone else in the back so as to assert themselves for the prime position… a candidate who will go to the extent of murder in order to emerge as the new CEO.
 Photo Credit: Peter Okosun
Source: James Abinibi

Repackaged by Lashley Oladigbolu, London

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