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The London Westminster City Council today granted the Permission for Nigerians living in the UK to organize the a protest March against what they are labelling the Evil Fulani herdsmen
According to a statement released by the organisers of the march “This is an SOS to all who are concerned about making Nigeria a safe and better place. No going back.  Join us at global outreach LONDON PROTEST to stop the bloodthirsty cattle rearers ravaging the Nigeria”
Fulani herdsmen originally from the north of Nigeria have been involved in disputes with local people particularly in the East of the country over cattle grazing rights. Several gruesome acts of murder, rape and arson have been attributed to the Fulani herdsmen as retribution and revenge for their claim of encroachment on their grazing fields.  Their latest act saw the murder of 80 men, women and children in Enugu last Monday.
The Nigerian Government is yet to take any action to curb the hideous activities of the Fulani herdsmen and so far no official statement have been released regarding the alleged killings.

Spokesman for the organisers Jagunmolu Oluwadare Lasisi said “We cannot wait for FG to act before screaming to the whole world to rescue Nigerians”
Several International media organisations including the  BBC, CNN, BEN TV, Silverbid, AITV, AlJazeera, VOA, FoxTv, SkyTV and many other popular British media outfits are also ready to cover this protest in London on Tuesday May 3, 2016.
The March is aimed to seek urgent action from Nigerian government to protect her citizens. According to the statement key governnment figures in Britain,  Members of Parliament, Mayor of London as well as the UK Prime Minister are being acquainted with the oblectives of the peaceful protest with notifications. 
The organisers are urging participants to come dressed in black clothing
“To mourn our departed compatriots”.
The organisers are also reminding Nigerians that the London Protest is not about political party inclinations " not APC VS PDP matter but an issue that concerns us all and a war against Fulani Killers Herdsmen".
The march is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 3rd May at 11 am – 1pm to commence from the  Nigerian High Commission on Northumberland Avenue to the UK Parliament Building at Westminster, London.
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