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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Buhari Should Declare State of Emergency in Osun and Benue States Over Unpaid Salaries


By Barrister Kayode Ajulo

Without contradiction, I found it most uncharitable, despicable and inhuman that a government that is expected to be guided by clear democratic tenets is seen to be flaunting anti-labour tendencies with no modicum of dignity.
The inability of any employer to pay for a service that he or she enjoys from his teeming employees can simply be described as cruelty against humanity to say the least.
This recent development is unfortunate and utterly  inexplicable. For clarity, I am more particular in what's happening in Osun State. It is unimaginable that a government will feel so comfortable  owing workers almost 9 months salaries while some are owed 12 months pensions, this is worrisome, the situation is worst than Boko Haram insurgency and I wont hesitate to say that the situation in Osun and Benue States call for declaration of State of Emergency to avoid further collateral damage on the affected citizenry.
Federal Government should not shy away from taking over the administration of those two states immediately.

Frankly  Governors of such states should be held responsible for the developments in their respective states because they were earlier told through the Federation Accounts Allocation Committee to make the issue of wage a priority.
In fairness to the immediate past federal government inspite of the credit crunch particularly the 50 per cent drop in gross federally collectible revenue, Jonathan administration made the issue of workers’ salaries a top priority in order to ensure that the people do not feel the negative impact of the revenue drop on the economy.
I  wonder with the huge expectation of Nigerians and people who have voted these Governors into power, I am hoping that the President will do everything humanly possible to bring about a 'bailout' by taking over the administration of those two states with immediate effect since the Governors have consistently displayed gross incompetence at the expense of the downtrodden who are on their pay rolls.
Barrister Kayode Ajulo is the National Scribe, Labour Party in Nigeria.

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