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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Nigerian-British Chuka Umunna Set To Emerge UK Labour Party Leader?

NUJ Europe have authoritatively gathered that Nigeria-British has made a U-turn in the contest for Labour Party leadership. He announced this on Friday 15/05/2015 barely   72 -hours after going on his Facebook page that he would be on the verge of becoming the new face of Labour Party in the United Kingdom as Chuka Umunna reveals Labour leadership bid on Facebook on Tuesday 12th of May, 2015.

What makes British Obama chickened out of the race? 
NUJ Europe are seeking to have a close-up interview with MP Chuka Umunna . Details will be reported at every possibility.

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Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna has announced he is "pleased to put himself forward for the leadership of the Labour Party".
The Streatham MP said he was confident his party could reclaim Government within five years and said he wanted to "lead that effort as part of a really big Labour team". 

MP Chula Umunna issued a statement on Friday 15th May ,2015 stating how uncomfortable he has been in the pressure to be the leader of the Labour Party. The official statement as posted in his website reads internet alias: "
"Shortly before the election campaign, I made the decision, in the event that Labour was defeated and a new Leader was to be elected, to stand for the leadership of the party if there was a desire in the party for me to do so. 

"I dearly hoped Labour would win the election and it was a decision I would not have to implement.

"I also thought I understood the scrutiny and attention a leadership contest would bring.

"As a member of the Shadow Cabinet, I am used to a level of attention which is part and parcel of the job. I witnessed the 2010 leadership election process close up and thought I would be comfortable with what it involved.

"However since the night of our defeat last week I have been subject to the added level of pressure that comes with being a leadership candidate.

"I have not found it to be a comfortable experience. 

"One can imagine what running for leader can be like, understand its demands and the attention but nothing compares to actually doing it and the impact on the rest of one's life. 

"Consequently after further reflection I am withdrawing my candidacy. 

"I apologise to all those who have kindly supported and encouraged me to do this and for disappointing them. I know this will come as I surprise to many but I had always wondered whether it was all too soon for me to launch this leadership bid - I fear it was. 

"Most importantly, I continued to have very real concerns and worry about this bid's impact on those close to me.

"I intend to carry on playing my full role as a proud member of our Shadow Cabinet taking on the Tories. I also hope to play a leading role in Labour’s campaign to keep the UK in the EU during the forthcoming referendum which is absolutely crucial. Most importantly, I will as ever continue to serve the area I know and love - the Streatham parliamentary constituency."

Very remarkably is MP Chuka Umunna's leadership declaration event tallies today in history as the Labour Party politician, MP John Smith died on 12th May, 1994. MP John Smith who was the Secretary of State for Trade and then, Shadow Chancellor of the Ex-Chequer, would have made a good Prime Minister in the ways he handled the devolution of Scotland which remained in the news with skill and diplomacy.

Dare Lasisi, a UK based blogger and freelance journalist digs extensively to research the background and political calling of Chuka Umunna, who is sometimes referred to 'British Obama'. 
"As the race to select the next Labour leader is gradually gathering momentum in the United Kingdom after the election victory of the Conservatives, one name continues to stand tall to re-ignite the multi-culturalism of the British people.That distinguished personality is  Chuka Harrison Umunna MP, a former successful city lawyer who has  just won his re-election as Member of Parliament for Streatham in South London.Chuka was born in England by a Nigerian father of Igbo extraction and an Anglo-Saxon mother.
Mr Umunna has been dubbed by many people as the British Obama for so many reasons.

The father of the current US President known as Barack Hussein Obama Sr travelled to America for the first time on Kenyan government scholarship to attend US university while Chuka's father known as Bennett Osi Umunna arrived in London en route Liverpool as a determined and adventurous  immigrant in search of greener pasture in a foreign land.Bennett arrived with little or no money and with only one small suitcase.

President Barack Obama was born in America on 4th August 1961 and Chuka Harrison Umunna MP was born in England on 17th October 1978.Both politicians have African fathers and White mothers.

President Obama's grandfather known as Onyango Obama  was a well-known anti-British government activist in Kenya who was persecuted,jailed and tortured by the British colonial government.Records indicated that torture in British jails affected his mobility during his lifetime. President Obama's father(Barack Obama Sr)did not forgive the British government for his father's hardship.

Chuka's maternal grandfather known as Sir Helenus Milmo was a Cambridge-educated high court judge and a prosecutor at the Nuremberg-Nazi trials in Germany.Chuka's mother,Patricia is also a trained solicitor.

While Obama's father was on Kenyan government full scholarship to study in America,Chuka's father(Bennett Umunna) engaged in many menial jobs like cleaning cars to keep hope alive.He was very hardworking and determined and later ventured into Import-Export business, trading in goods and essentials between Europe and Africa.

Mr Bennett Umunna as a successful Nigerian businessman who rose from grass to grace invested £50,000 into Crystal Palace football club in the late 80s and was appointed as the director of the football club.This wealth of experience in business and sports motivated Chuka's father to sponsor many sporting events in his hometown in South eastern Nigeria. 

He was eventually appointed as the Chairman of Enugu Rangers International Football Club.

President Obama's father(from the minority Luo tribe in Kenya) died in a mysterious circumstance in Kenya and the death was treated as suspicious and political assassination because of his open criticism of President Jomo Kenyatta's administration.

Some people believed Kenyatta's administraton was all out to eliminate educated,brilliant and outspoken Luo people and Obama's father was targeted at last.

Another school of thought presented him as a 'brilliant drunkard' who earned the nickname  of Mr Double-Double because of his addiction with alcoholic drinks. 

President Obama's dad had survived three fatal auto crashes in the past and the tragic incident of November 24,1982 which took away his life was viewed as a political assassination.

On Aprl 1,1992,While Chuka's father was driven to hit a truck carrying heavy log of woods along the Onitsha-Owerri highway,Obama's father drove himself to hit a nearby tree by the roadside on Nairobi highway and little or no blood was found on his dead body.

Chuka's father(Bennett Umunna) was planning to contest as a governor of Anambra state as at the time of his death but rumour had it that some influential fellow politicians were asking him for bribes few weeks to this unfortunate car accident.

Chuka grew up with his biological parents in London but Obama grew up with his mother's parents for some reasons.The parents of both politicians got married when inter-racial marriage was still a 'crime' and not totally acceptable in the society.

President Barack Hussein Obama was the former Senator from Chicago while Chuka Harrison Umunna has just won his re-election as Member of Parliament representing Streatham constituency in South London and was the Shadow Secretary for Business, Innovations & Skills during his first term as an MP.

Mr Umunna MP has been tipped by Lord Peter Mandelson often known as 'Prince of Darkness' in the British politics and former Prime Minister Tony Blair to be the next Labour Party Leader after the resignation of Ed Miliband after his defeat last week Thursday.

Both President Barack Obama and Chuka Umunna MP blessed with oratory power trained as lawyers and attended top universities and both have been involved in organising grassroot political and charity events in their communities.

Both Obama and Umunna started politics as young,vibrant, ambitious, smart,articulate and friendly personalities in America and England respectively.

Both politicians were motivated to join politics by the extreme poverty, discrimination in many forms and possibly maybe because they both studied Law at the universities,to be the champions of the oppressed and marginalised people.

Chuka only has one sister known as Chinye (or Chi Chi)but President Obama has many step-siblings in Kenya,America and elsewhere.

Will the British people now accept and support Mr Chuka Harrison Umunna MP as their own 'Obama' of the 21s century?

That's another topic for another day."

Researched and written by Dare Lasisi.
Additional report by Lashley Oladigbolu,
United Kingdom Political Affairs Journalists.

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